You can find answers to some of the more frequently asked questions below.

Yes, you can just login again, and your session will be restored! As your progress is continuously saved, you can continue with your work at the very same point you suspended the application.

The dataset (“edge1.2_anonymized.csv”) together with a description of all the variables and everything else you might need can be found on our OSF site here: https://osf.io/u9zs7/.

You do not need to explicitly save your work, as this will be done automatically for you. We do recommend you also keep a backup of your R code in a separate file.

You should create a new block every 30-50 logs so that the blocks do not become too large.

You can still edit blocks and rearrange logs before submitting your code.

No! You can install any library or package that you like working with. Many common R-packages have already been pre-installed for you to use in your analysis.

Your data is periodically saved in your workspace and in the database of DataExplained.

Further Resources

You can access more resources on our OSF and GitHub pages.